Spring Services

Interior Spring Cleaning - 
  1. Sweeping of home entry and decks
  2. Dusting of drapes ,curtains, blind and shutters
  3. Window and carpet cleaning
  4. Deep clean and seal all stone flooring, counters, showers, etc.
  5. Cleaning/oiling of kitchen cabinet fronts
  6. Cleaning of baseboards/wood work
  7. Thoroughly clean high window sills, light fixtures, ceiling cobwebs
  8. Removal and cleaning of couch cushions
  9. Moving of furniture to vacuum under and behind
  10. Organization of kitchen cabinet contents, wipe out drawers
  11. Organization of closets - linens and other
  12. Washing of comforters, throws, and other linens
  13. Home inventory- homewares, products, supplies
  14. Replace burned out lightbulbs
  15. Replace smoke detector batteries
Exterior Spring Cleanup/Improvement -
  1. Pine needle/yard cleanup, clean needles from roof/gutters and decks
  2. Full Defensible Space cleanup/TRPA/BMP Certification
  3. Schedule sprinker activation now, inspect all sprinklers
  4. Evaluate Paint/Stain conditions and request quote for repaint/restain of house/decks
  5. Evaluate driveway condition for crack seal/seal coat when weather permits
  6. Evaluate Exterior water usage and replant with drought tolerant plants
  7. Reduce water usage by converting to drip line sprinkler systems from spray type sprinklers
  8. Replace grass areas with no water or low water landscaping/rockscapes
  9. Stage patio furniture, yard furniture and other winterized outdoor items
  10. Drain, clean and refill hot tubs/spas