Team Soli March Newsletter 2014

Team Soli March Newsletter 2014

Team Soli March Newsletter 2014


With the use of drone/aerial photography, Team Soli is elevating their marketing plan to new heights.  Aerial imaging gives potential buyers a new way to truly visit the property in a virtual format.  This high definition perspective of the home and the neighborhood is a huge added value for our Sellers and an amazing viewing experience for Buyers.  Team Soli has always been an early adopter to new technologies and seeking the edge to make their listings stand out.  Check out Team Soli's most recent drone prodigy's…716 Bunker Court and 948 Jupiter

2014 is already a busy year for Team Soli.  We have successfully assisted seven buyers and sellers with the closing of their properties.  View our 2014 Sold Homes.  We appreciate your continued support of our business and all of your referrals.  


Some of us have made cake before and perhaps it tasted OK, but didn't look quite right coming out of the pan or vice didn't taste so great but looked SUPER from the delivery.  Don't you want both outcomes, especially when considering the cake is really your potential HOME!!!  You deserve it!

Yes, there is a recipe to follow and yes you can get that recipe from a thousand different sources, but if you do not work with a true professional, stick to the important ingredients and add local touches (market knowledge and understanding) it could just be a recipe for disaster.  What if you didn't understand the high altitude baking changes?  What if you wanted to modify the recipe, what substitutes would you really need to know and understand.  If there are changes to the normal processes how is your Chef/Realtor explaining those to the Sellers Agent?

When lining up the perfect recipe for your Home/Cake consider the following ingredients and instructions as they are critical to receiving the desired outcome.  We all want that perfect cake and outcome in the end.

1.  Work with a TRUE local Realtor who knows, understands, lives, works and breathes the current market and local area.  There are many agents in our market coming from Reno/Carson/South Lake Tahoe.  We are here to tell you these are completely different areas and just like specific ingredients we need to know exactly what and how those ingredients affect what happens here.  Our area even has some Realtors who are part- time agents...Can you imagine only having half of the ingredients or instructions, how would that cake turn out?

2.  Your offer includes both price and terms...ingredients and instructions.  If they are not structured to promote your offer or do not include all of the important items, you are just asking for 'your offer' to be countered or even rejected!  Price is usually a sticking point and a true professional can help you to see and understand the current values by providing local comparisons.  It's not an easy job in Incline Village or Lake Tahoe as our homes are all custom and sit on different lots with multiple variations like low elevation, high elevation, small lot, big lot, views, no views.  Terms are equally important and need to be reviewed and understood as they can cost the buyer or seller thousands of dollars.  What inspections will you have, what timeline do you require for bank approval on your loan, etc?

3.  Often times getting some background on the Seller will help the Buyer to understand what terms and conditions (back to ingredients and instructions) will help to preface the offer in the best light.  Who doesn't want to craft an offer that is most favorable to terms and conditions the Seller wants if they cost you nothing?  You are alleviating a potential counter offer or disaster by asking what terms the Seller might like?  i.e.  Does the Seller have specific moving dates that he/she requires?  Are there other terms that  the Seller is looking for in a great offer?  Is there a specific title company that they seller wants to use for discounts or other?  These items likely will not cost you anything, but they will sweeten the pot for acceptance on your offer tremendously.  It's like baking a cake that you want and putting in the extra touches to please the crowd.

4.  Once you have all the ingredients together you will blend them and craft them into the 'Offer' that will ultimately be 'Baked' and processed by the Seller.  This section is critical and can result in under baked or over baked conditions if not presented correctly.  Your Realtor will help you to understand the contents of the offer, which items protect you, protect the seller, and how local items like backflow or bmp's affect the offer, etc.  Your Realtor/Chef should also present your offer, explain any terms that are outside of the norm for the area, put your offer in the best light possible and most importantly, make sure that your offer is received.  What is the temperature of that oven???

5.  How long does the offer/cake need to bake?  Another good question and one to ask while setting up the additional terms of your agreement.  Some sellers might be traveling or challenged with technology and need more response time while others are quick to respond.  These are important things to know to avoid extensions and unhappy or unrealistic expectations.  This really does matter.  Nobody likes to be hurried, it causes stress and often time an undesirable outcome.

Cakes can take many shapes and forms and come in many different flavors.  Ultimately you should expect to create the best cake with the best ingredients and the proper cook time to receive the BEST outcome you desire in the end.  Happy baking!!!



Homeowners who want to sell their home know they need to get the place spruced up for marketing, but a tougher challenge for some sellers is to get mentally prepared for putting their residence on the market.

After all, if you’ve been happily living in your home for years, it can be emotionally hard to detach yourself from your memories and look at the place as a commodity you’re selling.

For a smoother sales transaction that garners the most possible profit from your sale, avoid these common, yet costly, seller mistakes:

1. Skipping a home inspection. Depending on the age of your home, scheduling a pre-listing home inspection could save you a lot of time and aggravation. You can address issues on your own time and budget before negotiating with a buyer to fix problems.

2. Skimping on your sales prep. While you may be tempted to ‘test the waters’ and put your home on the market without painting it or making minor repairs, your home is likely to languish on the market and get a reputation for having a major problem. A thorough, professional-level cleaning should be your bare minimum seller prep. Your eventual sales price is likely to be lower if you don’t sell within the first few weeks after you list your home.

3. Choosing the wrong REALTOR®. Instead of picking a REALTOR® who’s a friend of a friend, a relative or perhaps someone who’s great at working with buyers, take the time to pick a REALTOR® with an excellent reputation for listing homes. Your payoff will be much larger if you list your home with a REALTOR® with local market knowledge and sales expertise.

4. Neglecting to ramp up your curb appeal. If you polish and primp inside your home but neglect to pull weeds or paint your front door, you run the risk of potential buyers leaving without ever entering your home.

5. Withholding information from buyers. If you hope that the buyers or their inspector won’t find out about the leak under your bathroom sink or the fact that your basement gets flooded every winter, you run the risk of a nasty negotiating period, or  worse, a lawsuit after the settlement.

6. Overpricing your home. If you’ve hired the right REALTOR®, someone who can give you a strong market analysis and help you determine a reasonable price for your home, then you can avoid overpricing your home. If you don’t listen to your REALTOR® and base your listing price on an inflated view of your home’s value, you’re likely to end up selling after multiple price drops for less than you would have if you priced it right the first time.

7. Being unprepared for your next step. Whether you should buy your next home or sell your current home first is only one part of the preparation you need to make to move. You need a back-up plan in case your transaction on either end takes longer or shorter than you think, and you need to understand your mortgage payoff and the closing costs you must pay.

8. Letting your pets and kids spoil a sale. Part of your emotional detachment from your home is recognizing that while you love Fluffy and your darling twins, buyers want to visualize themselves and their own family in your home. Bribe your kids if you have to, but make sure the house is neat and as neutral-looking and smelling as possible. Take the kids and your pets out (or lock up your pets) when prospective buyers are visiting – you never know if someone who is terrified of dogs or cats will be turned off from making an offer because of your adorable pet.

Selling a home can be challenging, but with the help of a reliable REALTOR® you can avoid making mistakes and reap the rewards of your sale.